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Coats continues to seek opportunities to transition to renewable energy while at the same time addressing the optimisation opportunities that exist for reducing its energy use by better planning and higher machine utilisation. Science Based Targets are under development.

Leader's Voice

“We have been focussed for many years on reducing the use of energy in our manufacturing processes, and have made substantial progress. However, with the technology currently available for thread processing there are no obvious options for further significant reductions in energy use, though we have expectations that in the future the use of digital dyeing technology might significantly reduce the energy intensity in this process. Our principle focus meanwhile continues to be on optimisation in production planning and operations to ensure that all our processes are running at the best loadings to ensure efficient energy utilisation. The example of what we have done with compressors in North America exemplifies this approach.

In addressing the energy challenge the source of our energy is now of the highest concern to us, as we need to ensure that our greenhouse gas emissions decline in line with our commitment to Science Based Targets, and transitioning to renewable energy sources is, correspondingly, a very high priority for us. Since the energy market is different in each country in which we operate our procurement teams are vital for understanding the current and likely future options for enabling this transition, and these teams will be deepening their understanding in this area during 2021.”

Paul Turner
President, Business Operations

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