Coats Water Responsibility

Focus areas



60% of Coats total water consumption is used in dyeing, one of the most important parts of the thread manufacturing process. Coats is investing in new machines with low liquor ratio. It is also exploring innovative developments in digital printing technology and the waterless dyeing opportunity that offers.

Leader's Voice

“Water is currently an essential resource in our processes, principally for dyeing. We know that increasing global demands on water use for domestic and industrial purposes are likely to make this already precious resource scarcer in the future, and we therefore take our responsibilities in this area very seriously. Our approach is to use as little water as we can and to make sure that we then recycle as much of that water as possible. Periodically we assess the water stress level and availability for each of our plants, and this informs our investment strategy. We recognise that this is a shared resource and that we must ensure that our use does not lead to shortages for others.

Our long-term vision is to largely eliminate water from our processes, and we are investing in the development of the technologies that look likely to deliver this goal. In the short-term our target for water reduction is very ambitious but we believe it is achievable through the concerted work of our process engineers across the globe.”

Michael Schofer Chief Supply Chain Officer