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Coats has a wide range of sustainable and eco-friendly sewing threads, yarns, zips and trims.

Coats EcoVerde is the first globally available 100% recycled line of premium corespun and textured sewing threads, delivering the same proven level of performance as the industry’s leading non-recycled threads.

EcoVerde threads help complete the loop for garments and accessories that already use recycled polyester fabrics or other eco-friendly fabrics or materials.

Waste plastic is collected from various industrial and post-consumer sources. Used plastic (PET) bottles are a significant proportion and an example of how this works. These are collected, sorted, cleaned, ground to flakes and then melted down and extruded into the fibre and filaments from which EcoVerde sewing threads are made.

Because it consists entirely of recycled plastic fibres, Coats EcoVerde has a significantly lower carbon footprint than virgin fibres.

Through our EcoVerde product range, Coats plans to remain an integral part of the recycled thread industry and to work with industry to develop further innovations and collaborations. We work with our customers to create more sustainable products to our mutual benefit, and the benefit of wider society and the environments in which we live. The full range of our eco-friendly product range of threads, zips and trims are featured on this page.

To ensure growth, now and in the future, it is important that we use resources efficiently and explore innovative solutions. We will use more sustainable raw materials and reduce our waste.

Looking to the future, we are also aware of the role that thread plays in enabling the deconstruction of waste garments for recycling, so we are exploring ways that we may be able to facilitate and speed up the reprocessing process.

Our journey towards a sustainable future continues today with the introduction of Coats EcoRegen.


Coats EcoRegen (100% Lyocell)

Utilising sustainably sourced wood pulp, Coats EcoRegen is fully biodegradable and represents a new addition to Coats Eco Journey.

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Recently Launched

Car road forest

Coats Neophil EcoVerde

New generation 100% recycled sewing thread, carefully engineered for the automotive industry

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Gral Quilt EcoVerde

  • Made from pre-stabilised 100% recycled high tenacity continuous filament polyester
  • Ideal for multi-needle quilting operations
  • Available in larger package sizes, suitable for most quilting machines

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Bed thread

CoatsKnit Eco

The latest innovation in the CoatsKnit range which incorporates natural renewable fibres.

recycled sewing thread

CoatsKnit Eco H

Incorporates a blend of hemp and viscose to help deliver moisture wicking and breathable fabrics

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Woman Child Asian kite park

CoatsKnit Eco S

Created from the renewable botanic protein fibre of a soybean plant, which gives fabrics a smooth, drapeable quality

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Coats EcoVerde products

Coats Epic EcoVerde

Epic EcoVerde

A 100% recycled premium polyester corespun sewing thread that has been precisely engineered to create durable, attractive seams across a wide range of recycled fabrics and materials

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Denim Campaign

Gral EcoVerde

A lubricated polyester thread made from 100% recycled pre-stabilised high tenacity continous filament polyester

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Denim Campaign

Gramax EcoVerde

100% recycled polyester continuous filament textured thread ideal for use in the loopers of overlocking, serging and cover seaming to provide softness and comfort

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Denim Campaign

Sylko EcoVerde

100% recycled trilobal polyester thread for machine embroidery

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Sylko Matt EcoVerde

Sylko EcoVerde Matt

100% recycled polyester corespun thread for machine embroidering

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Denim Campaign

Dual Duty EcoVerde

A premium quality corespun thread that combines a high tenacity 100% recycled polyester filament core with a Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) certified cotton cover

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Denim Campaign

Seamsoft EcoVerde

100% recycled micro-filament textured polyester thread that offers exceptional softness for next-to-skin seams

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The world's first sustainable reflective tape

Landscape worker reflective tape

Signal EcoVerde

  • Sustainable product made of 100% recycled polyester fabric backing - the first sustainable reflective tape on the market
  • Can withstand tough Industrial washing
  • Meets requirements of EN 20471 and US ANSI/ISEA 107-2015
  • Standard 100 by Oeko Tex®
  • Available in various widths
  • Global service

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Eco-friendly threads and yarns

Jeans outdoors eco friendly thread

Dual Duty Indigo

Coats Dual Duty Indigo is the eco-friendly response to natural indigo dyed sewing threads. Free of harmful substances, Dual Duty Indigo gives the natural look of a faded blue, matching the natural fade effect of the denim garment.

  • Gives a unique fade effect so that every garment sewn is individual
  • A high-tenacity corespun thread delivering outstanding sewing performance and maximum durability
  • Offers special shade effects

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CoatsKnit EcoVerde

CoatsKnit Ecoverde is a 100% recycled drawn texturised filament yarn (DTY) for knitting.

Yarns of different elongation and bulkiness can be knitted into different styles of fabric. Once knitted into fabric components, this yarn provides a soft hand-feel and voluminous appearance.

As a part of our commitment to ethically building a sustainable future, CoatsKnit Ecoverde is 100% GRS Certified. Also available as AWF with the PFC Free AW finish.

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CoatsKnit EcoVerde recycled drawn texturised filament yarn

Sustainability Certifications

Restricted Substances List (RSLs)
Coats Sustainability Water Treatment Sustainable Growth Factory machinery
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Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)
Global Recycle Standard (GRS)
Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
Cotton Field Plastic bottle recycling Global recycled products
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