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As the world’s largest provider of industrial sewing threads, we offer a comprehensive range of thread substrates in all of the required tickets / tex sizes used in the manufacture of children’s garments. To complement our range of threads for children’s wear, we also manufacture and supply Opti zips.

Latest developments

Chinese Girl Bubble Park Sustainability

Discover our range of interlinings, threads, trims and zips for childrenswear garments in this new interactive brochure.

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Down jacket child toddler green

Coats offer a range of products and solutions to reduce the occurrence of down leakage in outdoor wear garments.

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Nightwear Safety Regulations childrens pyjamas

Coats have developed a range of threads which deliver on safety when it matters most and adhere to the requirements of children's nightwear regulations.

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Childrens coat threads

Our range of child friendly pullers have been specifically created to comply with a range of international standards

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Baby pyjamas nightwear flame retardant thread

Coats provide an extensive product range in embroidery and embellishment threads including glow in the dark, reflective or matt effect.

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Denim Campaign

Coats Signal is a global range of high quality, reflective tapes, illuminated by a light source it helps to enhance a product's visibility at night or during bad weather.

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