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Undershirts are designed to provide softness, strength and stretch within the seams. Men’s undershirts require approximately 35 metres of thread, ladies’ undershirts require approximately 45 metres, and girl’s undershirts require approximately 25 metres. Depending on the required final quality, other thread types may be used. Thread size will determine needle size.

We offer a variety of threads and zips for undershirts. For more information, check out our recommendations below.

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Where two Tex sizes of thread have been suggested the choice will be determined by:

  • The demands of the stitching operation
  • The amount of load / demand placed on the seam

Coverseaming on men's and boy's vests and undershirts may involve the following stitch types:

  • 406 - Twin needle coverseam
  • 607 - Flatseam, Four needle coverseam with a top covering thread

Generally, stitch type 406 will be used for attaching binding to the neck and arm openings of vests and the neck and sleeve hems of undershirts.

Stitch type 607 will be used to join the shoulders of the vests. Where this is the case the recommendation for the top cover thread is Epic Tex 24.

In order to avoid damage to the fabric during the sewing of knitted garments, ball point needles are generally recommended.

The sewing thread recommendations laid out above are intended as a guide to aid the construction of garments with good quality seams. As garments of the same generic type differ in terms of fabric substrate and construction, and both making up methods and post make up processing can greatly vary, these recommendations should be viewed as a good starting point for thread selection.

Garment specific recommendations for thread and needle selection as well as accurate thread consumption figures and onsite technical support can be obtained by contacting your local Coats' office.

These recommendations and consumption figures are intended as a guide only and are given in good faith but without warranty or liability on the company or its employees.