A sustainable and FSC certified cellulose material for insoles

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Introducing 4orest, a groundbreaking cellulose material crafted from FSC Certified premium virgin cellulose fibers and enriched with up to 50% recycled content.

This pioneering approach with high recycled content represents a remarkable innovation in the industry.

4orest utilizes resilient and malleable materials to provide superior flex endurance and resilience, delivers a high level of performance and comfort for women's shoes. Experience the fusion of sustainability and sophistication with 4orest.

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Perfect Balance of Flexibility and Resilience

Crafted from high-quality FSC certified virgin fibers, our material is expertly designed to resist shrinking or expanding during the lasting process. This makes 4orest an ideal choice for insoles in women's shoes and not only, ensuring durability, strength, and dimensional stability.

The innate flexibility of our designs ensures an exceptional comfort level, creating a truly luxurious experience. With 4orest, you're not just wearing insoles, but indulging in an experience that blends performance, comfort, and luxury seamlessly.

Certified Sustainability:
Our Commitment to the Forest

4orest is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and ISO 14001, underscoring our dedication to sustainable practices.

While we recognize that the production of cellulose materials necessitates the use of trees, we're passionately committed to minimizing our impact on forests. By incorporating around 50% recycled content into 4orest product, we can significantly reduce the number of trees needed for our operations. This approach not only helps preserve our precious forests but also demonstrates our proactive stance in promoting sustainability in the footwear industry.

This product also shows a biodegradability higher than 80%-85%, making it one of the most eco-friendly cellulose options on the market.


Waste Recovery, Boosting Sustainability Together

We believe in zero waste. That's why we established an innovative recovery system for processing waste.

4orest incorporates up to 50% recycled content, which is derived from production scraps or leftovers that we conscientiously collect and reintegrate into our manufacturing process. Moreover, our entire operation is powered by renewable energy. These practices not only help us minimize waste but also demonstrate our commitment to recycling, reinforcing our pledge to sustainable practices in every aspect of our operations.

Features and Benefits

  • FSC certificated
  • Containing up to 50% recycled content
  • Biodegradability higher than 80%-85%
  • 100% closed loop production process
  • Excellent mould shape retention and Superb flex endurance
  • Will not shrink or grow, allows unrestricted lasting wiper movement
  • Enhanced foot comfort in all conditions

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