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Corporate Governance

Other Committees

Details of the other Committees formed to assist the Board and Board Committees in effectively executing their roles.

Group Executive Team (GET)

The GET is responsible for the operational delivery of the Group’s strategy. This includes day-to-day management of operations and responsibility for monitoring detailed performance of all aspects of our business. Biographical details of the members of the GET are available on our Management page.

Disclosure Committee

The Disclosure Committee’s primary duty is to determine whether, what and when any Group information needs to be disclosed to the market and to verify such information ahead of its disclosure to the market via a Regulatory Information Service in accordance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation and the Financial Conduct Authority’s Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules. This includes providing appropriate reassurances to the Board and, as required, individual Directors, and ensuring appropriate records are kept. The Committee is chaired by Rajiv Sharma and its other members are Simon Boddie and Stuart Morgan.

Digital Advisory Council (DAC)

The DAC advises on how to enhance the Digital and Technology strategy and its execution and provides input and insights to the Board and GET on emerging technology, digital business and change management. It has no formal decision-making authority. The DAC meets four times a year (of which two are virtual meetings). The DAC is chaired by David Gosnell (Non-Executive Director) and the other members are Hizmy Hassen (GET member) and two external members; one is the former CIO of an automotive OEM and the other a digital entrepreneur who has founded a leading company in data analytics. The DAC is advised by Gartner who are permanent invitees. An additional GET member, invited on a rotating basis, also attends meetings.