Hospital Gowns

Hospital Gowns

Hospital gowns may be subjected to much higher levels of wear and washing than more conventional garments.

The sewing threads used to produce these garments must withstand these tough conditions for their lifetime. Coats range of industrial sewing threads have the physical properties to deliver a lifetime of service within such garments even when subjected to relatively harsh conditions.

Our high quality range of sewing threads meets all of your seam requirements and fits any budget.

Alternative thread types may be used depending on required final quality. The thread size will determine the choice of needle size.

For more information, check out our recommendations below.

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    The sewing thread recommendations laid out above are intended as a guide to aid the construction of garments with good quality seams. As garments of the same generic type differ in terms of fabric substrate and construction, and both making up methods and post make up processing can greatly vary, these recommendations should be viewed as a good starting point for thread selection.

    Garment specific recommendations for thread and needle selection as well as accurate thread consumption figures and onsite technical support can be obtained by contacting your local Coats' office.