Our 2019 Sustainability Report gives an update on our progress against our targets for 2022. It also details our strong relationships with our business partners and customers, coupled with our commitment to behaving responsibly. Watch our new sustainability video to find out more

Our Sustainability strategy

Coats Sustainability at a Glance

Our sustainability strategy focuses on five priority areas where we can accelerate progress, through targeted investment of capital and resource.

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Sustainability Report 2019

We have published our Sustainability Report covering key sustainability performance data

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Denim Campaign

Pioneering a Sustainable Future

Coats’ new strategy has built on the strong sustainability foundations laid in the past, and has accelerated the company towards its ambitious targets.

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Water - Managing a precious resource wisely

Without water we cannot, today, make thread. It is a vital and shared resource and we need to make sure we use it efficiently, particularly as water is scarce in some parts of the world.

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Energy - Renewables for a sustainable future

The use of fossil fuels and the associated greenhouse gas emissions contribute to climate change. We have a responsibility to reduce our contribution and mitigate these risks.

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Effluent & Emissions - Working for a cleaner world

At Coats, we aim to ensure that the water we discharge is safe and will not damage the environment around our factories.

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Social - Creating safe and sustainable places to work

We are operating in changing times, transitioning from an industrial to a digital world. We must adapt and evolve our culture, developing our people and skills to support this change.

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Living sustainably - Protecting the planet

To ensure growth, now and in the future, it is important that we use resources efficiently and explore innovative solutions. We will use more sustainable raw materials and reduce our waste.

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