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Committed to ensuring the most efficient use of materials and resources...

As a manufacturing business, we aim to use resources as efficiently as we can. This is true whether they be the materials required to make thread, yarn or zips; the energy we need to power our factories and machinery; or the water used by the processes we employ. Through clean and efficient operations we seek to minimise our impact on the environment, as well as increase our cost effectiveness.

Around 93% of our products are made from synthetic polymers, from our industrial threads through to our specially engineered yarns such as ripcords, technical yarns for fibre optic cables, medically approved threads and many more.  We appreciate that fossil-fuel derived materials are a valuable resource, and we believe that we are putting these materials to valuable uses, rather than merely burning them for energy production.  We maximise the efficiency with which the materials are used in our manufacturing and are always looking for ways to re-use man-made materials and to derive new products from recycled plastics and textiles. 

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