Nylbond Protect

Nylbond Protect

Anti-microbial bonded continuous filament nylon 6,6

Coats Nylbond Protect sewing thread is treated with an innovative process to give the finished thread anti-microbial / anti-fungal properties.

The anti-microbial process creates a "zone of inhibition" that prevents the growth of bacteria and pathogens around sewn seams where microbes like to harbour, leaving seam crevices clean and fresh.

The use of this anti-microbial sewing thread will give ongoing enhanced protection in many applications, including protection from mould spores and odour causing bacteria in footwear and sports goods, bacteria in hospital furnishings and medical equipment to microbe stains in leather furniture, plus many more.

Coats Nylbond Protect combines enhanced anti-microbial protection with the advantages of a premium bonded nylon 6,6 thread. The pre-stabilised continuous filament nylon 6,6 plies are bonded to ensure a strong and supple thread with no ply separation to give excellent sewing performance in many applications where maximum tenacity and superior seam abrasion resistance properties are required.

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These fastness grades represent minimum performance levels and, in practice, the majority of shades will exceed these levels.

Our sewing threads with the Coats Protect technology, have been tested to be effective up to 100 laundry wash cycles (per AATCC TM 150). Effectively this means the anti-microbial performance will endure for the lifetime of the product.