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Personal Protection

​Digital blend innovation that creates pre-certified and differentiated flame/cut resistant woven or knit products for extreme personal protection end uses.

Splash protect flame retardant yarn

Coats FlamePro Splash Protect

A molten metal splash protective fabric that is specially engineered to be lightweight, soft and flexible while maintaining durability for long lasting wear.

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Hand safety feature

The future of hand safety

Durable and reliable, Coats Flamepro Cut is perfect to prevent cuts while performing potentially harmful or hazardous tasks.

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Signal feature

Coats Signal Reflective Tapes

When illuminated by a light source, Signal helps to enhance a product's visibility at night or during bad weather.

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Firefly feature

Coats Firefly

Ensure your garments remain intact up to 371° in critical conditions with a thread engineered to keep you safe.

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