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GSD Corporate was acquired by Coats Digital in 2015. Coats Digital is the software arm of Coats Group and is a global provider of software solutions for the fashion industry.

GSD Corporate was a UK based company supplying expert management solutions that analyse time, cost and production capability in the sewn products sector with the focus on maximising productivity and controlling costs.

The original solution has evolved and GSDCost is now an award-winning SaaS solution that drives productivity improvements for brands and sewn product manufacturers across the globe. It is the only solution recognised by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

GSDCost allows manufacturers to establish and optimise detailed construction methods, times and costs for all sewn products, providing the basis for cost benchmarking and driving improved production performance.

GSDCost for brands is a pre-production cost benchmarking solution which enables staff with little or no manufacturing expertise, to use a drag and drop approach to quickly develop a time cost analysis of garments. It allows brands to assess product viability early in the development cycle and to benchmark supply chain options and costs.

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