Personal Protection

Fire Services


Fire Services

It is critical for flame-retardant clothing that these garments are capable of withstanding high temperatures when in contact with fire and heat. Coats offers a comprehensive, reliable and durable range of fire retardant threads like meta-aramid or Nomex ® threads, para-aramid or Kevlar® threads, and a variety of blends that offer flame and heat resistance in flame retardant protective clothing, workwear and blankets.

Denim Campaign

Performance Wear

Our products are designed to deliver the desired strength and performance characteristics that make our products the first choice for manufacturers of high quality textiles.

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Fire and heat resistant threads

Fire and Heat Resistant Threads

In general synthetic sewing threads (e.g. nylon, polyester, Kevlar® & Nomex®) are all good resistors of heat, learn about the various fibre types and their applications.

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