Careers at Coats


When you join Coats you will be part of a dynamic, international team where everyone has an equal opportunity to develop and succeed.

Working at Coats

Coats employees

It's rewarding

We believe it is important to make every member of our team feel heard, appreciated, and rewarded, and we are committed to rewarding not just through our team development programmes within the company, but also by providing each and every member with a fair salary.

There are opportunities for all

Coats is a meritocracy where everyone has an equal opportunity to develop and succeed. We are all encouraged to challenge the status quo and to use our initiative to identify development opportunities for ourselves and the wider Coats community.

Man packing threads into box
Two lab technicians examining threads

We take pride in what we do

At Coats we take pride in producing the best products on the market on an unrivalled scale. We are proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and are excited to see how we can develop even further as our products, clients, and our team grow.

We meet our goals through positive teamwork

At Coats we believe that positive teamwork is central to how our people work together to achieve results. From the first moment that you start your career with Coats you will find that you are given respect for your views and will feel part of the team.

Man in front of factory machinery
Two Coats employees

We do the right thing

We care about the long-term sustainability of our products, our manufacturing units, our people, and the communities around us, and we constantly strive to improve on the way we do things to make life better for everyone at Coats and in the wider community.