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Coats Signal - Reflective Tapes
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Coats Signal - Reflective Tapes

Coats Signal is a range of high quality reflective tapes for workwear, protective clothing, apparel and accessories which is offered globally. When illuminated by a light source, Coats Signal helps to enhance the visibility at night time or difficult weather conditions. In combination with fluorescent elements, Coats Signal improves daytime and low light visibility.

Coats Signal is available in flame resistant and non flame resistant versions suitable for domestic and industrial wash applications. All products meet and exceed the requirements of key high visibility and heat and flame resistant norms – maximum performance is guaranteed.

Examples of applications

  • Apparel and accessories
  • Workwear / uniforms
  • Workwear / uniforms industrial wash
  • Heat and flame protection firefighters
  • Heat and flame protection industrial applications

Product range

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We are offering a comprehensive range of retro reflective products for all types of high visibility applications.

Products for industrial wash - premium quality retro reflective tapes designed for tough industrial laundry conditions - withstands more than 70 industrial laundry cycles including tunnel drying at temperatures of up to 160°C.

Products for domestic wash - tapes and transfer film, both meet and exceed the requirements of key high visibility norms.

Reflective and flame resistant tapes:

  • Coat Signal Flame Retardant Cotton is a flame resistant silver retro reflective tape for all types of flame resistant high visibility applications
  • Coats Signal Flame Retardant Aramid is a premium flame resistant retro reflective tape designed for maximum heat and flame protection and tough industrial laundry conditions
  • Coats Signal Flame Retardant Lime-Silver-Lime/Orange-Silver-Orange is a flame resistant aramid based reflective tape that has combined retro reflective and fluorescent elements for maximum visibility at night time and during daytime and low light conditions

Product advantages:

  • High visibility - EN ISO 20471 approved
  • Flame retardancy – EN 469 and NFPA
  • Maximum retro reflective performance of 500 cd/lux/m2
  • Coats Restricted Substances List and Oeko Tex compliance

Application guide

Application guide
Article C502200 C402000
and C402200
and C402700
C422100 C412500 C412300
Daytime Colour



Lime Silver Lime

Lime Silver Lime

Orange Silver Orange

Orange Silver Orange

Fabric Backing Polymer Transfer Film 65% PES / 35% Cotton Flame Retardant Cotton M-Aramid
Apparel and Accessories
Workwear / Uniforms
Workwear / Uniforms Industrial Wash
Heat and Flame Protection Firefighters
Heat and Flame Protection Industrial Applications

Laser engravement

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Coats Signal products can be engraved with your company logo or name. This value-added service is an excellent way of creating brand awareness and to enhance corporate identity.

Technical data

Technical data
Article C502200 C402000 C402200 C402500 C402700 C422100 C412500 C412300
Daytime Colour Silver Lime Silver Lime
Orange Silver Orange
Fabric Backing Polymer Transfer Film 65% PES / 35% Cotton Flame Retardant Cotton M-Aramid
60°C Domestic Wash ISO 6330 70 60 100 100 100 100 60 60
90°C Domestic Wash ISO 6330 10 - 20 20 70 50 30 40
75°C Industrial Wash ISO 15797, A Tumble drying at 90°C - - - 20 70 50 25 25
75°C Industrial Wash ISO 15797, B Tunnel drying at 160°C - - - 20 70 50 - 25
Dry Cleaning ISO 3175 20 50 50 50 50 50 50 50
Euro Norms 20471 20471 and 469
US Norms ANSI 107 ANSI 107 and NFPA
Australia / New Zealand Norms 1906.4 - - 1906.4
Oeko Tex Yes
Length (Metre / Roll) 200 100
Standard Widths (other widths available upon request)

Before proceeding to bulk production, we recommend that you run tests and production trials to verify that it meets end customer requirements.

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