Tea Bag Strings

Our tea bag products are manufactured with Oekotex-compliant materials to meet the highest hygiene standards in sterile ‘Clean Rooms’. They are engineered to perform for long runs at maximum speeds when using popular tea bag machines such as Teepack Compacta, Constanta, Perfecta, IMA, Mai S.A, Tecno Mecanica.

Our tea bag cotton strings are completed using FDA approved materials, fully accredited by HACCP & BRC IOP, meet FDA CR21 Regulations and comply with ISO 9001:2000 standards.

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Tea Bag Strings wireframe

  Brand Tex No.  Count
 1 Admiral Teabag
 50 32
 1  Admiral Teabag  70  24
 1  Admiral Teabag  90  20
 1  Admiral Teabag  90  20
 1  Admiral Teabag  105  16
 1  Admiral Teabag  135  16
 1  Admiral Teabag  180  7
 1  Admiral Teabag  200  24
 1  Admiral Teabag  50  32
 1  Admiral Teabag  130  18

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