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Introducing Coats SeamWorks Cloud, developed by our software group, Coats Digital. Coats SeamWorks Cloud delivers helpful new features and will ensure that you benefit from the latest updates, without you needing to do anything. Coats SeamWorks Cloud can be accessed via any browser from any device giving you the flexibility of accessing anywhere, anytime.

Coats SeamWorks Cloud is a best-in-class thread consumption calculation tool, designed to help you accurately calculate your thread usage and cost. It features an intuitive, simple to use interface and allows generic garment templates to be created for consumptions and costing exercises, as well as allowing users to create garments by operation for precise thread consumption.

The thread consumption calculator can generate information on sewing thread usage and costs, to produce a single garment or any number of pieces on multiple production lines. It can help provide information regarding the most cost effective thread package distribution. As well as calculating "what if?" options. Coats SeamWorks Cloud can optimise usage through its dynamic thread tensioning settings, and generate information on sewing thread usage and costs.

Our research into thread wastage has identified that on average only 75% of all thread ordered ends up in the final sewn product. The balance may be lost through operational wastage, through residual waste or over ordering.

Coats SeamWorks Cloud features a simple to use interface that allows generic garment templates to be created for consumption and costing exercises. This helps our customers to create garments by operation for precise thread consumption.

Seamworks Cloud

Why switch to Coats SeamWorks Cloud?

  • Access to new features (not available in the desktop version)
  • Automatic feature updates as they are released
  • Connectivity with other applications (e.g. GSDCost)
  • Portable browser-based access
  • Excel upload function
  • Remote Cost file management
  • Secure access through Single Sign On
  • Cloud storage
  • Remote setup, training, maintenance and troubleshooting

How quick is the switch?

Training is short and can be completed remotely in a single session by a Coats Digital representative or consultant. Setup is quick and we would try to activate your account within one week.

Please contact your local Coats representative to find out more.

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Coats Seamworks 3

Coats Seamworks 3 is our thread consumption and costing desktop software package, which still uses the same premise - “minimum input for best output”.

Features and Benefits

  • Saves time estimating thread consumption
  • Saves money by reducing wasted thread
  • Allows accurate costing of thread per garment and per order
  • Produces thread consumption and cost reports
  • Customisable for any garment
  • Quick templates easily calculate generic garment types
  • My History allows you to revisit previous calculations