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Zero Liquid Discharge at Ambasamudram

In 2019, we completed the implementation of a very significant Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system at our largest site in India at Ambasamudram, Tamil Nadu.

This site consumes approximately 3,500 tonnes of water per day, which previously was treated and discharged into the environment. To achieve zero liquid discharge, the existing wastewater treatment plant was modified to incorporate new cutting-edge technology, including ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and multi-effect evaporators. As a result around 95% of the water entering the treatment plant is returned for reuse in the factory and the remaining 5% is evaporated to leave a solid waste, which is used as a cement additive by a local cement company. The steam required for the new evaporators is generated using biomass, ensuring carbon neutrality for this process.

In February 2019, we successfully closed down our treated wastewater discharge channel in a ceremony witnessed by the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board.

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