Expanding Our Recycled Range

Expanding Our Recycled Range

Having launched our first Coats Ecoverde recycled polyester threads at the start of 2019 with a small range of 100% polyester corespun and texturised threads, we have significantly expanded the range during 2020.

This now includes a broader range of 100% polyester corespun thread sizes which means that all garment segments can find the threads that they need. We have also expanded the range of substrates to include polyester-cotton corespun, microfilament texturised and embroidery threads. The range will continue to expand in 2021, and we are also extending the availability of recycled material into our non-premium thread offering.

Availability of high quality recycled polymers will continue to be the biggest challenge as we work towards our ambitious target of 100% recycled premium products by 2024. Our products require the highest level of material performance and much of the recycled material available is not suitable for our use. We have continued to develop and qualify new sources of supply during 2020. In the longer term we believe that more circular material flows is the best solution and this is explored on pages 36 and 37. In 2020 the percentage of our premium products made from recycled polyester was 13%, a significant increase from 2% in 2019.

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