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Coats offer a range of high quality composites, threads and yarns to support the creation of durable, comfortable and sustainable outdoor footwear for all scenarios.

With a special PFC-free anti-wicking (AWF) finish applied on certain products, enhanced water resistance can be delivered in adverse weather conditions.

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New Innovation Lattice Lite Eco

A revolutionary fibre-laying technology that uses eco-friendly raw materials like recycled carbon, basalt fibre or thermoplastics like PA11 or recycled PA6 for unbeatable sustainability in active and safety footwear.

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Coats Outdoor Footwear Thread Range

View our range of sewing threads for walking, hiking and trekking shoes and boots that provide high abrasion and flexion resistance resulting in tough, longer lasting seams.
Learn more about these products below.

Water resistant thread footwear

Drybond AWF

Coats Drybond AWF is an eco-friendly anti-wicking thread specially formulated with a PFC-free finish, ideal for footwear and outdoor goods that require a high degree of water resistance.

  • PFC-free water repellent finish
  • Engineered to provide the same high standards of sewing performance as Coats’ standard non-wicking range
  • Globally available in a full range of colour shades

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Coats Nylbond is a bonded nylon thread that delivers superior abrasion resistance in demanding outdoor footwear applications.

  • World class quality and superior abrasion resistance
  • Specially formulated lubricant for high temperature resistance and smooth operation through the needle eye without breaks, skips or staining
  • Good loop formation and tight, firm and balances stitches
  • Certified to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

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Walking boots outdoors EcoVerde

Gral EcoVerde

Coats Gral EcoVerde is a lubricated polyester thread made from 100% recycled pre-stabilised high tenacity continous filament polyester. It supports the planet and delivers the same outstanding look, feel and performance you would expect from Coats virgin polyester thread.

  • An excellent sewing thread for a wide range of footwear applications and has very good abrasion resistance
  • Gral Ecoverde exhibits excellent loop formation, consistent stitch formation and neat seam appearance
  • GRS certified

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Gral Protect

Coats Gral Protect sewing thread is treated with an innovative process to give the finished thread anti-microbial properties.

  • A high continuous filament polyester thread for excellent sewability, high strength and durability withthe added benefit of anti-microbial properties
  • Coats Gral Protect fights mould and mildew
  • Inhibits bacteria that causes odour
  • Stain resistant, with no residue

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Footwear Solutions

At Coats, we offer specially designed products and solutions to meet the demands of modern footwear manufacture, improving factory productivity, speed to market and the quality of the final footwear product.

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