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CoatsKnit Fashion

Supports stylish activewear garments

Activewear should be designed to meet the requirements of multiple applications, such as exercise and social engagements.

With this in mind, Coats have developed a range of innovative yarns which support stylish and flexible activewear garments for diverse scenarios.

CoatsKnit Fashionable Yarn

Neon thread

CoatsKnit Ultra

Thanks to its high-sheen cross-filament construction, CoatsKnit Ultra reflects light more effectively once knitted into fabric and delivers world class colour quality.

Features & Benefits

  • Bright colour appearance
  • Offers a high sheen after dyeing

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CoatsKnit Lucence

The photo-luminescent pigments added to the polyester polymer in CoatsKnit Lucence charges up in the sun to emit a luminous glow in low light.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides a special glow in the dark effect
  • Luminescent material is non-toxic, free from any harmful substances

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Thread for mens activewear
Sewing thread activewear

CoatsKnit ColTwist

Create a wonderful melange effect with up to 6 colours in your activewear garments by utilising the CoatsKnit ColTwist range of texturised filament yarn.

Features & Benefits

  • All dyed colours are tested based on our Coats colour standards
  • We offer a ‘multi’ range in various combinations of plies, from 2 plies to 6 plies

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