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Composites Solutions for Sports Footwear

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Superfast. Superflex. Superlite.

In the race to create the next generation of super shoe, give yourself an unbeatable advantage with Coats Composite Solutions. From the initial design to final product, we provide world class service for game changing composite footplates every step of the way to help mould the future of runners’ athletic achievements.

Coats Lattice Lite Eco

Coats Lattice Lite Eco is a revolutionary fibre-laying technology that uses eco-friendly raw materials like recycled carbon coupled with bio based nylons, as an example, for unbeatable sustainability.

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Lattice Lite composite footwear

Coats Lattice Lite

Coats Lattice Lite is a revolutionary fibre laying method that cuts waste and time, increases productivity – and create a uniquely designed super shoe that’s simply unbeatable.

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Coats Synergex

Coats Synergex commingled fibres enable you to create advanced, high-performance thermoplastic products that are lightweight yet extremely strong.

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