Sewing Invisible Zipper

Coats S Invisible

Sewing invisible-zipers that have an automatic slider with a drop puller.

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Sewing invisible zipper

s have an automatic slider, with a drop puller and ultrasonic welded top and bottom.

The range contains zips with woven or knitted polyester textile tape depending on the application as well as different sizes for light or heavier garments.

For heavier garments S44, S54 and S64 woven tapes are recommended; for lighter apparel S43 or S48 knitted tapes are appropriate.

To find out more about our products and best practices, please read our Invisible Zips Brochure.

Floating bottom stop is available for all invisible zip sizes, bringing added value to the end user. Find out more by downloading our product bulletin and product datasheets.

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Available types

Available types
  Close end Open End Zip Two Way Open End TWCE O-form TWCE X-form Continuous chain
  Close End Open End Two Way Open End TWCE O-form TWCE X-form Continuous Chain
S43 Available - - - - -
S44 Available - - - - -
S54 Available - - - - -
S64 Available - - - - -


Care should be taken to allow room for slider running:

  • through the waistband style in trousers or skirts
  • in dresses with side seams/ruffles/layers or pleats joining at the seam position of the zip
  • where the pocket seam joins midway along the zip seam.

Prior to bulk production, Coats recommends that tests and trials are carried out on all zip uses/applications in order to verify that the product meets end customer requirements and the demands of internal processing conditions. Coats supports customers with advice on individual applications on request; if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.