Protos Ultrabloc

Protos Ultrabloc STM

Water swellable, super absorbent coated aramid for use in cables as a strength member

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Coats Protos Ultrabloc STM is a water swellable, super absorbent coated aramid for use in cables as a strength member.

Ultrabloc coating is proven to provide as a strength member a world class water absorption for fibre optic cable applications. Protos Ultrabloc STM can provide some of the lowest dusting and shedding in the fibre optic industry to help reduce machine downtime and improve cleanliness and safety during cable manufacture.

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Features and Benefits

  • General purpose flexible strength member for any application needing dry water blocking in combination with cable strength
  • Particularly good for dielectric (non-conducting) cable usage
  • 2-3 times better water absorption than typical competitors due to our proprietary coating process which incorporates about 2-3 times more super absorbent polymer in the same thickness of coating as typical competitors
  • Available in standard modulus and high modulus


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