Fiber Clothes

FlamePro™ High Visibility

Inherently flame resistant and high-visibility certified fibre cloth that is one of the lightest fabrics of its kind.

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In many fast paced industries where hazards such as trucks, trolleys and machinery pose a threat, it is essential that workers remain highly visible by wearing the right protective clothing.
Coats FlamePro™ High Visibility is an inherently flame resistant and high-visibility certified

Fiber Clothes

that is one of the lightest fabrics of its kind. The innovative construction of FlamePro™ High Visibility allows for improved comfort and asthetics while meeting EN ISO safety norms. It offers you the same superb protection without compromise on performance or comfort.

With industries demanding better quality high-visibility garments, we set to work on a more sustainable, easy to work with fabric. FlamePro™ High Visibility includes renewable fibres and needs no dyeing – which makes it more sustainable than any other comparable product on the market. Big visibility, smaller carbon footprint.

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Features and Benefits

  • Exceptional flame protection along with contact and radiant heat resistance
  • Ensures better visibility in low light and risky work environments
  • One of the lightest fabrics of its kind
  • Excellent light and colour fastness properties
  • Superior resistance to wash and wear
  • It includes renewable fibre cloth and needs no dyeing which makes it more environmental friendly.
  • Superior performance and comfort
  • Suitable for ISO 11612 and ISO 20471 high visibility clothing


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