Woven Tape

Woven Tapes

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Woven tape

s can be made of fibreglass or aramid and are utilised in the manufacture of cables that are located outdoors or in vulnerable environments.

Additional waterblocking coatings can be applied to protect the cable further from water and hybrid options are available on demand.

woven Tapes
Gotex FG WT

Gotex FG WT is a fibreglass woven tape used in telecommunication cables to prevent damage from rodents. It can be fully customised to meet your exact needs.
As the material is also heat and flame resistant up to temperatures as high as 1000ºF (840ºC), it also creates an effective fire barrier in the cable.
Gotex FG WT
Protos WT

These aramid tapes are designed and woven to specifically provide improved resistance, protecting cables against bullets (small caliber) and extreme climate changes.
In addition to that, they can also be manufactured with an additional water- blocking feature.
Protos WT