Coats develops first metallized antenna for revolutionary RFID tag

  • 22 Jul 2015

Coats Group plc, the world’s leading industrial thread and consumer textile crafts business, has developed a metallized thread antenna specifically for use with a revolutionary radio frequency identification (RFID) tag.  Convergence Systems Limited (CSL), a global provider of RFID products and active real time location system (RTLS) equipment, is launching a RFID metallized thread tag designed for tracking applications in the industrial laundry, leather, textile and uniform sectors.

The patented CSL CS8200 RFID tag includes an integrated circuit and a partially metallized thread, specifically developed by Coats for CSL.  The thread acts as an antenna while also securing the tag to clothing, leather or other thin flexible materials.  The small, flexible RFID tag can be easily and securely sewn into a uniform, table linen, handbag or other textile in an inconspicuous location, such as in the garment seam or behind the brand label.

The development of the thread is of particular significance for Coats as it marks the successful first commercial step for its conductive threads.  Building conductivity into thread means it is then possible to incorporate intelligence which opens up many new and diverse product markets.

Paul Forman, Group Chief Executive, Coats Group plc said: ‘Coats has worked closely with CSL to specifically develop a thread for this revolutionary new product.  This RFID metallized thread tag provides an outstanding solution for quick and accurate inventory management as well as brand authentication of all types of garments and textiles.  It is a prime example of Coats’ innovation as we extend beyond traditional thread and develop ‘clever thin lines’ which can transmit and even carry data.’

With exceptional durability for washing, drying, dry cleaning and ironing, the CS8200 RFID metallized thread tag is a cost-effective solution for efficient laundry process control, such as batch check in/check out of linens or uniforms.  In addition to enabling accurate tracking and management of commercial laundry, the CSL tag is ideal for brand authentication and security of fashion apparel and accessories.

Jerry Garrett, Managing Director, Convergence Systems Limited said: ‘This is the only RFID tag that allows the user to customise the application read range by altering the metallized thread length.  Our unique solution is tailor-made for helping industrial laundry, textile and uniform businesses save time and money in logistics, security and processing.’


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Notes to Editors

About Coats

With a rich heritage dating back to the 1750s, Coats is the world's leading industrial thread and consumer textile crafts business, at home in more than 70 countries, employing over 20,000 people across six continents. Revenues in 2014 were US$1.7bn.

Our well-known brands and strong relationships with customers and consumers mean our products and services meet current and future needs. Our company-wide understanding of our business partners and consumers, coupled with the deep expertise of our people, builds trust and certainty.

Coats’ pioneering history and innovative culture ensure the company continues leading the way around the world: providing complementary and value added products and services to the apparel and footwear industries; extending the crafts offer into new markets and online; and applying innovative techniques to develop products in new areas such as tracer threads, aramids and fibre optics.

  • One in five garments on the planet is held together using Coats’ thread
  • More than 100 million car airbags are made using Coats’ thread every year
  • Coats produces enough yarn to knit 70 million scarves a year
  • Every three hours Coats makes enough thread to go to the moon and back
  • More than 450 million pairs of shoes are made every year using Coats’ thread
  • In 1879 Thomas Edison used Coats’ thread in his experiments to invent the light bulb
  • Every week over one billion teabags are brewed using Coats’ thread
  • Coats produces enough thread to reach around the Equator every ten minutes
  • Thousands of surgical operations take place every day using Coats’ thread
  • Coats is the second largest and fastest growing global zip manufacturer

About Convergence Systems Limited

Founded in 2000, Convergence Systems Limited is a leading design engineering company and provider of radio frequency ID (RFID) tags, readers, antennas, modules and custom RFID hardware. CSL is unique in providing both passive Electronic Product Code™ (EPC) Gen 2 RFID products, as well as a full line of active RTLS RFID products. CSL delivers a broad portfolio of RFID hardware for logistics management, supply chain, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, access control, transportation and retail industries around the world. A member of standards organisation EPCglobal, CSL is headquartered in Hong Kong with a global distribution channel.  

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