Peel Hunt appointed as broker

  • 18 Mar 2013

The following announcement was released today by Guinness Peat Group plc to the London, Australia and New Zealand stock exchanges.

Appointment of Peel Hunt as broker

GPG is pleased to announce the appointment with immediate effect of Peel Hunt LLP as broker in the UK.

Rob Campbell, Chairman of GPG, commented ‘This is a further important step along the road of restructuring and re-presenting GPG as the Coats business stand-alone to the market.  Peel Hunt will work with GPG/Coats and brokers in other markets to ensure that investors have a clear understanding of the Coats business, its global presence and potential.’

Chris Healy
Company Secretary
Guinness Peat Group plc

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Guinness Peat Group plc: Nick Tarn - T +44 20 7484 3370

Peel Hunt: Dan Webster / Charles Batten - T +44 20 7418 8900

New Zealand and Australian media: Geoff Senescall - T +64 9 309 5659

UK media: Kevin Smith - T +44 20 7282 1054


For more information on Coats please contact:

Anna Mitchell, Head of Group Communications,

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Charles Ryland, Buchanan,

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About Coats

With a rich heritage dating back to the 1750s, Coats is the world's leading industrial thread and consumer textile crafts business, at home in more than 70 countries, employing 20,000 people across six continents. Revenues in 2012 were US$1.7bn.

Our well-known brands and strong relationships with customers and consumers mean our products and services meet current and future needs. Our company-wide understanding of our business partners and consumers, coupled with the deep expertise of our people, builds trust and certainty.

Coats’ pioneering history and innovative culture ensure the company continues leading the way around the world: providing complementary and value added products and services to the apparel and footwear industries; extending the crafts offer into new markets and online; and applying innovative techniques to develop products in new areas such as tracer threads, aramids and fibre optics.

One in five garments on the planet is held together using Coats’ thread

  • 75 million car airbags are made using Coats’ thread every year
  • Coats produces enough yarn to knit 65 million scarves a year
  • In three and a half hours, Coats makes enough thread to go the moon and back
  • 300 million pairs of shoes are made every year using Coats’ thread
  • One million teabags using Coats’ thread are brewed every 10 minutes
  • Thousands of surgical operations take place every day using Coats’ thread
  • Thomas Edison used Coats’ thread in 1879 to invent the light bulb
  • Coats produces enough thread to reach around the Equator every 11 minutes
  • Coats is the second largest and fastest growing global zip manufacturer

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