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September 2018

Great people make great companies

An employer of choice from Brazil to Bogor

  • September 2018

An employer of choice from Brazil to Bogor

Coats is a global organisation made up of thousands of team members in over 50 countries around the world. As an employer we encourage ambition, creativity and look for individuals with a pioneering spirit to come and work for us.

We believe everyone has an equal opportunity to develop and succeed and we strive to ensure all our employees want to come to work each day to feel fulfilled, satisfied and proud to work for us.

With this in mind it is pleasing to see our approach being recognised globally by a range of external bodies and publications. From Brazil to Bogor we’ve received recognition for the great work taking place every day around the world…

Valued in Vietnam

Most recently Coats Phong Phu was named one of the best companies to work for in Vietnam by ‘HR Asia’ magazine, a recognised publication for HR professionals.

Coats Phong Phu Best Company Bill Watson The main criteria used by the magazine in making the award was performance across three categories: ‘Heart’, ‘Mind’ and ‘Soul’. Employees were surveyed via a range of assessment techniques to provide an overall company score within each category. Across all three Coats scored well above the industry average, to earn the award that was recognised at a gala dinner in Ho Chi Minh in September.

Speaking at the event Bill Watson, Managing Director of Vietnam Cluster said : ‘The award is a result of the values we hold as well as the way that we respect all of our employees in the business. Every person in the Vietnam business knows that they have the power to make positive changes at any time, and this freedom to operate helps us to make the business successful, and people feel proud to work here.’

Amongst the best in Brazil

Earlier in the year, and on another continent, Coats was recognised as one of the best 80 companies to work for in Brazil by Great Place to Work (GPTW), a global research and training consultancy.

The key criteria for its ranking was the level of trust employees have in their organisation. This was measured using a combination of quantitative and qualitative feedback in the areas of Culture and Trust. Organisations were modelled across a range of dimensions to get employees views on their workplace, including values, opportunities and overall well-being. Coats Brazil scored a trust index score of 90%, firmly placing it amongst the top 80 companies in the country.

Some of the workplace programmes of note developed by Coats Brazil support employee well-being, such as Coats Solidária Viva Bem, reward and recognition, such as Coats Stars and promoting knowledge sharing such as Boas Ideas and Customer First.

‘Our people are our biggest asset so Coats prides itself on being a great company to work for. To receive an accolade like this, in the year Coats celebrates 111 years in Brazil, is proof we are getting things right.’ Douglas Aceiro, Managing Director, LatAm South Cluster. 

‘To receive an accolade like this, in the year Coats celebrates 111 years in Brazil is proof we are getting things right.’
Douglas Aceiro, Managing Director, LatAm South Cluster

Can’t be beat in Bogor

While in June, Coats Indonesia was awarded ‘Best Company in Bogor’ by the Mayor of Bogor. The award came after an extensive review of all aspects of our business in the country, as well as  Health and Safety and Corporate Responsibility practices, compliance with local regulations, a talent and development programme, and energy saving initiatives. One employee in the quality assurance team, also won second place for the ‘Best Employee in Bogor’ award.

To quote Bill Watson again: ‘It's great people that make great companies!’

‘It's great people that make great companies!’
Bill Watson Managing Director, Vietnam Cluster

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