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The Global Standard and Universal Unit of Measure for Time and Cost in the Apparel Supply Chain

There’s only one industry standard to benchmark time and costs in factories. And there’s only one solution that allows you to optimise time and cost from the moment the lines start running. There’s only one common language for time, cost, capacity and compliance, spoken between brands and their vendor partners.

The GSD methods analysis and pre-determined times solution, is widely acknowledged as the de-facto international standard across the sewn products industry, implemented in hundreds of manufacturers and brands across the globe.

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GSD Enterprise

GSD Enterprise helps Industrial and Production Engineers establish and optimise ‘International Standard Time Benchmarks’ for all sewn products, using standard motion codes and predetermined times. GSD Enterprise helps sewn products manufacturers by:

  • Delivering productivity improvements and consistent quality by optimising construction method
  • Offsetting labour cost increases with pre-production decisions based on standard times and costs
  • Improving on-time delivery performance by supporting accurate ‘minutes based’ production planning
  • Ensuring fair wage compliance by helping companies set realistic and achievable and production targets
  • Maintaining preferred vendor status through a combination of productivity improvements, cost optimisation, increased speed and reliability

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GSD Quest

GSD Quest is used for pre-costing analysis of new styles using standardised feature libraries, operation measurement techniques and quantification to produce an accurate time and labour cost at concept stage. GSD Quest helps retailers and brands by:

  • Optimising margins by providing ‘design for manufacturing’ capability.
  • Reducing sampling cost and time using the same standards used in production
  • Supporting fact based pricing and costing discussions using standardised benchmarks
  • Supporting a collaborative and transparent costing and sourcing policy
  • Improving capacity planning and Manufacturing Excellence initiatives though the use of standardised units of measure and optimised methods

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