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The best way to develop new styles, plan and execute production orders.

Fast React makes the complicated, simple, faster and more efficient..

Our specialist software solutions and industry best practice expertise improve and accelerate the entire new product development, sourcing, capacity planning and order execution lifecycle. This enables brands, manufacturers and fabric mills to achieve a whole new level of visibility, coordination and control, driving improved reliability, efficiency and speed to market.

Wherever you sit in the fashion supply chain, you'll find that Fast React products are quick to install, easy to use and deliver significant and measurable benefits, helping you to respond quickly, efficiently and sustainably to relentless demands for increased flexibility and reduced lead times, while managing exploding complexity and rising costs.

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Our solutions

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Visionng Fashion PLM

An intuitive, flexible and scalable PLM solution for fashion retailers, brands and manufacturers of all sizes. Configured to reflect industry best practice and specific business requirements, Vision supports key business processes from design inception through to product delivery, with unique supplier collaboration and PO tracking tools. Key benefits include:

  • Increased staff productivity with integrated smart workflow and management by exception
  • Increased creative focus and innovation with AI integration and focused range planning
  • Reduced sampling cost and lead time
  • Improved control of costings and margins
  • Improved supply chain collaboration

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Evolve Fashion Production Planning

Unique, industry leading planning system with capacity, critical path and materials integrated into a single, dynamic solution. Allows effective head office master planning as well as fast, detailed and accurate scheduling of production lines. Key benefits include:

  • Faster, more accurate order confirmation process
  • Optimised delivery performance and production efficiency with realistic commitments and a smoother production flow
  • Improved material control with requirements dynamically driven to meet latest plan
  • Reduced lead time and inventory with planning based on a LEAN pull system
  • Increased management efficiency with automated planning and reporting

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Align Textile Production Planning

A dynamic textile planning solution allowing management of both long-term capacity and short-term scheduling. This highly visual tool enhances control of multi-process textile manufacturing, including capacity, materials and inventory. Key benefits for textile producers include:

  • Increased speed and accuracy of order confirmation process
  • Increased capacity utilization through integrated planning of multiple processes with complex constraints
  • Improved delivery performance with realistic commitments from the outset
  • Improved control of WIP and production flow supporting LEAN initiatives
  • Increased management and planning efficiency with automated planning and reporting

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