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Eco-friendly bags for a happy and healthy planet

When we go out to purchase something, many of us don’t think twice about grabbing a plastic bag when we are offered one by our cashier. One plastic bag can’t be that bad, right?

Unfortunately, all of those plastic bags can really add up and have a negative impact on the environment over time. That’s why at Coats Vietnam we have partnered up with the visual art experts at Peter Park Studio to design a lightweight reusable bag that is a more attractive, convenient and eco-friendly alternative to the typical plastic bag.

Caubetho x CoatsThe different messages on the bags encourage people to think and act more sustainably, and all of the bags feature a selection of art from Caubetho, a conceptual artist based in Saigon that specialises in telling stories through his vivid creations. The five uniquely designed bags target different pillars of our sustainability strategy, including water, energy, effluent and emissions, social, and living sustainably.

At Coats we have carefully selected these five pillars as a primary focus point in our mission to combat climate change and optimise our own internal processes to be as eco-friendly as possible. Messages like “conserve water, every drop is precious” printed on the water themed bag serve as a gentle yet powerful reminder to all that see it. The message is combined with a compelling illustration that represents clean water in the environment. Coats Vietnam understands the importance of this vital resource, and we are working hard to reduce the amount of water used in our product manufacturing processes.

Eco bag labels

Another bag focuses on the concept of energy with the message “switch off, to keep the Earth switched on” and an illustration depicting the streams of natural energy in the environment. To combat the detrimental effects fossil fuel usage can have on the planet, Coats is committed to reducing the energy used to manufacture our products, and using renewable energy sources whenever possible.

These are just a few of the concepts and ideas behind the new eco-friendly bags from Coats. To find out more information and see the full story behind the project, check out the video below. The next time you head out the door to go shopping, take an extra second to grab an eco-friendly bag and help spread a positive message that will have an even more positive impact on our beloved planet.

At Coats we believe that a strong approach to Sustainability can help us to achieve our business goals by improving efficiency, strengthening our reputation and customer relationships, and enabling more motivated employees and safer working practices. Watch our video on Pioneering a Sustainable Future to find out more.

Caubetho x Coats

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