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Effluent and Emissions

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Effluent and emissions

To support working towards a cleaner world, Coats is implementing online, realtime monitoring of liquid waste effluent for sites discharging to the environment. It is investing in the construction of new or upgraded wastewater treatment plants at sites as well as recycling water where appropriate. It currently recycles 20% of process water.

Leader's Voice

“Legislation is getting stricter and stricter around the world. The standards that we are required to meet are becoming ever more stringent. If we fail to meet these standards, then we risk penalties, fines and disruption to our operations, and most importantly damage to our reputation amongst neighboring communities and with our customers, employees and shareholders.

But we are also keenly aware that employing clean production processes has benefits that extend far beyond just avoiding these risks. It can boost productivity, reduce costs and help further enhance our reputation. We do not operate in a silo, but as part of a multitude of local communities and ecosystems and we take extremely seriously our responsibility to protect the environment and watersheds we share. That is why we are committed to adopting the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals standards.”

Stuart Morgan Chief Legal & Risk Officer and Group Company Secretary


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