Focus areas


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We understand that a strong employee value proposition is a key differentiator in both attracting and retaining talent.  We are implementing new health and wellbeing programs, a ‘Journey to Zero’ Health and Safety roadmap and is also working towards all employees contributing to community activities.

Leader's Voice

“The manufacturing world is changing, and we need to change with it to ensure we are competitive in the marketplace and to reach our aspiration to be a sustainable place to work. The new age of manufacturing is all about embracing digital technology and we need to develop new skills and ways of working to meet this challenge.

Our People strategy is focused on delivering our ‘Connecting for Growth’ global transformation program and our employees are the core of our business. Their leadership, talent and commitment ensure we can achieve our aims and operate our businesses effectively and efficiently.

It is important that our employees feel safe, valued, respected and supported, and for the right conditions to be in place for everyone to reach their potential. As a global organization made up of thousands of team members in nearly 50 countries around the world, we must harness the benefits that this diversity brings. A truly diverse workforce brings different perspectives, ideas, skills and experience, and a positive impact on employee engagement and business performance.”

Monica McKee, Chief Human Resources Officer