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Living sustainably

Coats is working proactively with customers and suppliers to help them improve the sustainability of their products. New products are being developed using recycled materials or that can be reused or recycled by others. In 2018 Coats launched Epic EcoVerde, the first fully recycled premium thread. In addition, a waste management process action plan is being rolled out across all operations.

Leader's Voice

“In recent years, the issue of resource scarcity has risen up the global agenda. Demand for resources of all kinds is rising sharply due to both a growing population and increasing affluence in emerging economies. Unless business models change, growing scarcity and volatility will have a substantial effect on business profitability and resilience. The fact is that we simply cannot keep wasting the precious resources that we have available to us.

Most of the materials we use are synthetic, derived from oil. It is simply not acceptable for us to use this resource and waste it. We must be as efficient as we can be, getting the most out of the raw materials we use, and finding ways that we can reuse or recycle any waste that we do produce. Or finding someone else that can. It makes business sense to be more efficient and buy less virgin materials. Moreover, our customers are asking us about the origins and recyclability of our products as they strive to achieve their sustainability goals.”

Adrian Elliott President, Apparel and Footwear


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