Sylko Metallic

A beautiful, metallised embroidery thread

Coats Sylko Metallic is a highly engineered composite thread for machine embroidery and decorative sewing. Its high tenacity, nylon core brings strength during sewing and durability in your final sewn product. It combines superior luster with trouble-free sewing making it popular amongst the world's best embroiderers, delivering outstanding performance and luxurious embellishment.

Sylko Metallic has a pure silver coating which gives you the brilliant sheen unique to precious metals. The lubricated finish enables it to sew smoothly even on high-speed machines, and a unique after-treatment prevents "pigtailing" during embroidery. This helps to prevent thread breakage while having a positive impact on productivity. It also features a protective metallic foil which maintains the thread's lustre during sewing.

This highly engineered composite thread is intended for machine embroidery and decorative seams. It can also be used in the top spreader of coverseams for a metallic effect.

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For your convenience and quick reference please refer to the online version of the Sylko Metallic shade card.

Coats Sylko Metallic is from the Sylko range of embroidery threads. Follow this link to learn about Coats Sylko, a high performance trilobal polyester thread for machine embroidering.

Popular Colors
I9682 I8916 I8914
Gold Silver Bronze

Textile Care Labelling

  • High tenacity nylon core yarn gives strength during sewing and durability in the sewn product
  • A pure silver or aluminum coating gives the brilliant sheen
  • Undercoated metallic foil protects luster during sewing and ensures a smooth finish

Coats Sylko Metallic is made from a combination of polyester, nylon and precious metals. The resistance to any particular chemical will depend on the individual circumstances. Technical advice should be sought from your nearest Coats unit if the application involves chemical treatment These shades have a pure silver coating & should not be used for embroidery on leather goods that have been treated with tannin as oxidation/discoloration could occur; I9681, I9682, I9683, I9684, I8912, I8913, I8911, MT009, MT017, MT018, MT019, MT020, MT022. The construction of Sylko Metallic for shades I9685 and I8986 is slightly different, the core yarn is viscose in place of nylon. Due to the extensive shade range of Sylko Metallic and extreme fluctuations in demand we ask for your understanding that not all shades are available in all markets.

Since conditions and applications vary considerably in the use of a product, the customer and/or user should assure herself or himself that the product meets end customer requirements and is suitable for the intended end use. Coats accepts no liability for unsuitable or improper use or application of products.

Information provided above is based on current averages and should be taken only as indicative. Coats accepts no liability for the preciseness and correctness of the information provided.

Product information sheets are updated from time to time, please be sure you are referring to the most recent publication. Coats supports customers with advice on individual applications on request; if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.