Staple spun linen suitable for welting and other forms of sole sewing

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Linen is one of the oldest textiles in the world.

Coats Linen uses only the highest quality of flax. Consistency is guaranteed by the blending of batches. One of linen's greatest assets is its low extensibility and thus its ability to hold a tight knot in the lockstitch seam; this makes it particularly suitable for welt and other forms of sole sewing. This makes Linen ideal for end uses where no ‘give’ is required. Linen is easily dyed, does not melt and swells when wet.

The natural look of the linen thread seam enhances its aesthetic appearance, making it ideal for traditional and authentic products.  Linen degrades naturally making it an environmentally friendly sewing thread. Knots hold better than synthetic equivalents. Satin finished linen thread has an excellent appearance in stitched leather seams.

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