Water soluble PVA thread specially developed for temporary apparel stitching

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Coats Aquamelt is a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to conventional basting or tacking threads in apparel manufacturing.

Made from staple spun PVA, Aquamelt is a water soluble thread that dissolves when immersed or sprayed with warm water. This helps to protect the fabric from damage caused by removing temporary stitches. It also gives a clean seam finish with no loose or untrimmed threads, and it won't leave any residue once dissolved in water.

There is no need to remove temporary stitches sewn with normal thread thereby avoiding fabric damage and saving an extra time-consuming and costly operation. Aquamelt gives a clean seam finish without loose threads or untrimmed threads.

Aquamelt is certified to Öko-Tex Standard 100, class I, the most stringent class covering textile items for babies and toddlers, and meets our Coats restricted substance list.

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Use Coats Aquamelt as a temporary stitching thread to hold and secure fabric formation prior to final stitching for:

  1. Waistband pleats
  2. Difficult to handle small parts
  3. Joining slippery fabrics or fabrics with different stretch properties

Once final stitching is finished, the temporary Aquamelt stitches will dissolve and disappear at wet treatment.

Aquamelt is particularly useful for stretch fabrics and is a solution to the potential issue of stitch cracking sound when trying on the garment, caused by thread breakage of non-removed temporary stitching thread.

Aquamelt is from the Coats range of innovative threads. Follow this link to learn about Coats Secura, which is a simple to use fusible thread. Coats Secura addresses the common problem of buttons falling off.

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