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Our approach

Our Corporate Responsibility strategy

Our CR programme is encapsulated by seven strategic themes, all of which support and contribute to the achievement of our business goals. These are:

Our Standards: Operating to the highest ethical, business and employment standards.
2017 Highlight: 4500+ All senior externally facing employees trained in ethics -
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Our People: Committed to safe, respectful and inclusive working environments.
2017 Highlight: 83% Employee engagement in 2017, in top 10% of companies globally -
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Our Manufacturing: Committed to ensuring the most efficient use of materials and resources.
18% reduction in water used since 2011, 112 litres per kilo of dyed product in 2017
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Our Environment: Continuously seeking to reduce the environmental impact of our production processes.
5% reduction in green house gas emissions per kilo of dyed product in 2017 v 2016
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Our Products: Being a responsible manufacturer of compliant products.
Zero product safety issues from over 18 million order lines in 2017
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Our Partners: Working alongside partners throughout our supply chain.
100 supplier audits in 2017, following over 30 supplier engagement workshops
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Our Communities: Being part of the communities in which we operate.
7,500 volunteer hours, supporting over 140 community plans
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Our CR programme and activities

The values and standards that we subscribe to as a company are at the core of our CR programme. They are embodied in the five principles that describe the way we work: energy for change, respectful and inclusive, freedom to operate, openness and honesty and positive teamwork.

The core elements of our CR programme and activities range from our policies and standards through to how we manage our risks and monitor the impacts and changes from the work we do.

Corporate Responsibility programme and activities