Coats works with the leading medical companies of the world to develop and supply customised yarn and thread products for use in doctors’ clinics and veterinary practices. Coats products are made from a range of textile materials like polyester, linen and mercerised cotton to meet our customers’ precise requirements.

In addition Coats manufactures feminine hygiene products which include anti-wick tampon withdrawal cords and tampon pledget stitching threads. These products are made in a sterile 'Clean Room' environment to provide protection against bio-organisms, and are designed to meet stringent health and safety guidelines. Both sewing threads and tampon strings are specially engineered to operate flawlessly on high speed sophisticated machinery with minimal breaks, skips and stops.

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Our strong, durable, sewing thread enhances the appearance of sewn products and improves a sewing production line's productivity and performance.

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Together, Coats and Permess offer added value to the garment industry.

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