Dual Duty True Indigo

Dual Duty True Indigo

Corespun sewing thread that gives a unique faded effect on denim

Coats Dual Duty True Indigo is dyed with natural indigo from the leaves of the Indigofera tinctoria plant. During the denim wash process, the thread fades to give each denim garment sewn with Dual Duty True Indigo a truly unique finish.

By significantly reducing or eliminating seam damage during washing, Dual Duty True Indigo increases efficiency and the quality of your end product. This thread has a polyester filament core which provides excellent strength and durability during the washing process and the garment's lifetime. The long staple cotton wrap ensures excellent sewing performance and protects the core from needle heat.

In the denim world the magic of 'Iro-ochi’ or 'Atari' happens at the wash process, but can also destroy the seams if the sewing thread is inferior quality. This means you get expensive and unsightly repairs after wash. With Dual Duty True Indigo sewing thread you can banish costly after wash repairs and focus on creating high performance iconic denim pieces which will last a lifetime.

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Dual Duty True Indigo is ideal for decorative stitching as well as for general seaming. It is available in the full thread size range of Dual Duty. Place your order using product code 3875 for Dual Duty True Indigo, followed by the shade reference 8975i for True Indigo, e.g. 3875050 - 8975i is Dual Duty True Indigo ticket 50; 5000m in Indigo shade 8975i. For denim stitching a coarse thread size is recommended, for example ticket 50 / Tex 60.

Please refer to the Product Information sheet for Dual Duty for the complete product details.

True Indigo = shade ref #8975i
No Wash Rinse Wash Stone Wash Bleaching
No Wash Rinse Wash Stone Wash Bleaching

Dual Duty is also available in fake indigo shades (507TP, 19999, 08800, R0905, 00646, D0999 ). These colours are dyed with non-indigo dyestuffs and imitate the true-indigo appearance with different effects depending on the type of wash process. The loss of colour intensity after wash is much lower when compared with True indigo. 

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