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Coats has established itself as a global leader in the production of engineered yarns and has consistently entered new categories. Our state of the art Karbon room is dedicated to developing high performance, light weight, heavy duty and fully customisable composite constructions. From Karbon processing units to aramid converting lines to Seratglass processing equipment, Coats Speciality is able to commingle Karbon and various thermoplastic Serats which will produce advanced thermoplastic parts for the wind, Otomotif, Ruang Angkasa and Alat Olah Raga markets.

Synergex is a range of advanced composite Serats which provide custom solutions for complex aPPlications such as Percampuran, Pilinan or coating and rewinding.

Synergex has the highest level of hybrid Serat integrity and performance. With its perfect harmony of strength, weight, and performance, Synergex will bring technical advantages to our customer’s final composite structure and will help to improve their production processes as well as overall productivity.

Serat Komposit Coats

Coats Synergex is processed into fabric form using many technologies, including:

  1. Serat Satu Arah
  2. Produksi Non-Crimp Fabric (NCF) Multi-aksial
  3. Tenunan Lebar
  4. Tenunan Sempit
  5. Rajutan berongga
  6. Rajut Lusi
  7. Lilitan Pipa Tertutup
  8. TFP (Tailored Serat Placement)

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Synergex is typically used to mould parts for industries, including:

  1. Otomotif
  2. Alat Olah Raga
  3. Energi Angin
  4. Ruang Angkasa
  5. RTP (Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes)

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Thermoplastic prepregs have advantages over the more common thermoset composite material in terms of higher impact resistance, lower moulding cycle times and the flexibility to mould small parts of different shapes. Synergex composite Serat technology intimately commingles Karbon Serat Penguats with thermoplastic yarns like Nylon, PET, PEEK, PP, PPS and UHMWPE, which produces a single mixed roving of uniform dispersion across its cross section. This unique technique minimizes filamentation of the Serat Penguat and ensures parallel alignment of the Serat mix as well as a homogenous distribution resulting in an excellent consolidation.

Percampuran Serats

Ukuran Kemasan Serat Penguat

"Ukuran Kemasan Serat Penguat"
Serat Penguat Ukuran Gulungan
Karbon 3k
Karbon 6k
Karbon 12k
Karbon 24k
Karbon 50k
"Ukuran Kemasan Serat Penguat"
Serat Penguat Ukuran Tex
Para-aramid 84 - 316
Seratglass 300 - 2400

Ukuran kemasan tambahan tersedia berdasarkan permintaan

Pilihan Benang Termoplastik

"Pilihan Benang Termoplastik"
Matriks Tg Temperature Titik Leleh
Polimer Fahrenheit Celcius Fahrenheit Celcius
UHWPE -185 -120 270 132
PP -15 -9 340 171
Nilon 12 105 40 360 182
Nilon 6 140 60 425 218
PET 155 68 475 246
PPS 185 85 535 279
PEEK 290 143 650 343


Serat Penguats can be customized to meet end use aPPlication demands by Pilinan one or more Serat types together. The revolutionized technology of Synergex enables us to make a stronger, more controlled composite Serat by Pilinan 1-5 ply constructions of Karbon, Para-aramid and Seratglass which can be used to create fabrics containing unique hybrid properties.

Twisted Serats

Kombinasi Pilinan:

"Twisted Combinations"
Serat Kisaran Tex Construction
Karbon 100 - 4800 1 - 5
Para-aramid 75 - 4000 1 - 5
Seratglass 150 - 7000 1 - 5


Coats offers a range of water based Pelapisan that can be aPPlied to Synergex. All are friendly to the environment and help to improve abrasion resistance, adhesion levels and durability.

Pelapisan include:

  1. Pendorong Daya Rekat
  2. Anti-wick
  3. Lube
  4. Anti-stat


Layanan Penggulungan

Proses produksi dapat dioptimalkan melalui layanan konversi Coats. Sebuah cara yang bagus untuk menghindari gesekan, Coats dapat menggulung serat sesuai spesifikasi pelanggan dengan mudah dan cepat.

Hubungi Kami

Untuk berbicara dengan salah satu pakar Coats kami, jangan ragu untuk menghubungi perwakilan Coats setempat.