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Opti Express

This revolutionary web-based tool provides you with the fastest and simplest zip sampling service.

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A revolutionary, web-based service from Coats that provides you with the fastest and simplest zip sampling service in the world.

FAST - We can deliver a sample zip starting from 2 days

SIMPLE - You do not have to be a zip expert to choose the right zip for your product, thanks to our online guided zip configurator

ZIPS - We can customise a zip to meet your exact requirement

This is made possible through strategically invested stocks at Coats Warehouse along with digital workflow solution.

Fast and Easy Zip Sampling

  • Rapid sampling – our core offer of zips in a selected range of shades and types: sampling in just 2 days
  • Accurate zip match – accurately matched zip samples from a wide range of shades, types and a choice of 500 pullers: sampling in 5 days
  • Fully customised zips – new shade or teeth finish in any zip type: fully customised sampling in 10 days

Puller Sampling

  • Quick pick – pullers from our catalogue, quick and easy
  • Choose your logo – personalised pullers from our range with your chosen logo
  • Have it your way – create a fully customised puller as per your design

Simplified zip selection

  • Configure a finished zip
  • Ensure that your vendors source the right zips

Contact your local Coats representative to register for our Opti Express sampling service and experience faster and simpler zip ordering.

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