Coats Ultrabloc F

Ultrabloc F

Superior tensile strength compared with other water blocking yarns in the market

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Coats Ultrabloc F has been designed to reach the top level of swellable power yarns.

Made from a 1st quality high tenacity polyester fibre and a last generation super absorber polymer, this yarn has superior tensile strength compared with other water blocking yarns in the market.

The main characteristic for Ultrabloc F is its immediate reaction against water. We have incorporated several new yarns with low weights: 33, 43 and 67 tex. These yarns can be manufactured in several sizes and wound on cardboard tubes based on customer requirement.

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Features and Benefits

  • Flat yarns with regular and continuous width and thickness. This allows them to be incorporated inside the buffer tube for dry/dry cable designs
  • Smooth coating, does not create any interference in cable surface
  • First quality raw material
  • Few dust during manipulation
  • Non-conductive material
  • Excellent swelling values compared with other water blocking yarns
  • Fast reaction against water


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