Non Woven Tape

Non–woven Tapes

Gotex non-woven mica tapes are an ideal solution for fire resistant cables.

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non woven tape

s are an ideal solution for fire resistant cables

They have outstanding characteristics and are designed to meet high performance level requirements with an excellent flexibility and tensile strength.

Gotex PFP

Our polypropylene foamed paper tape has a corona and anti-static electric treatment and it is also resistant to copper.
It is used as insulating material for cable applications.
Gotex PFP
Gotex MCT Tapes

Gotex MCT is a range of flame-resistant tapes that are manufactured with fibreglass and phlogopite, muscovite or synthetic mica.
Widely used for insulating and protecting telecommunications cables, the tapes can withstand temperatures up to 1,000ºC.
These tapes are also highly flexible and stress resistant.
Gotex MCT
Gotex CMT

Gotex Ceramic and Mica tapes guarantee the maximum flexibility of the tape without shedding mica flakes.
Its high resistance to temperatures of up to 1100ºC makes this tape the ideal solution for high-end customer requirements in electric cables.
Gotex CMT
Gotex NW UCB

Gotex non-conductive waterblocking tapes are designed to protect cables from water providing high swellable performance.
Its great flexibility, high swelling speed and water absorption make it the best solution for power, telecom or special cables.
Gotex NW UCB