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Sustainability Spotlight

Sustainability plays a big role in every aspect of our lives today, from the clothes that we wear to the daily consumer products that we use.

Here are some details about our approach to sustainable feminine hygiene products, why quality is important and what the future of the industry is looking like shared by our innovation team.

Why is thread quality so important in feminine hygiene products?

As a product that comes into intimate contact with the human body, it’s vital that the thread meets the strictest quality and hygiene standards, to avoid any chance of causing illness or infection.

How does Coats ensure the highest quality and standards?

In some countries tampons are classified as medical devices and are subject to the same levels of compliance. For this reason, Coats feminine hygiene products are exclusively produced in accredited purpose-built clean rooms under strict hygiene & quality control. This includes screening for microbial contamination by accredited third party laboratories.

Why is Coats the natural choice for brands, manufacturers and customers?

Coats products provide peace of mind. Manufacturers, brands and consumers can be sure that they can be used with confidence, performing faultlessly time after time while helping to protect our precious environment.

For example, Coats Admiral FH Vero is an environmentally friendly all-natural tampon withdrawal cord, offering superior performance and peace of mind. Naturally, it is designed to meet stringent health & safety guidelines.

Today’s consumers want to make more sustainable choices – and feminine hygiene products are changing to meet these demands. Admiral FH Vero is made from 100% organic cotton and is 100% biodegradable. It’s a more environmentally friendly choice, helping to contribute to the health of our planet for generations to come.

What does the future look like for the feminine hygiene industry?

In addition to maintaining the highest standards of product quality, Coats is actively working with the industry to make sure our products are market leaders in consumer confidence and sustainability. That means the highest standards of production, in a sustainable manner and with minimal environmental impact throughout its life cycle.

Admiral FH Vero

Admiral FH Vero

Coats Admiral FH Vero is a 100% organic cotton anti-wick tampon withdrawal cord. It is made in a sterile clean room environment to provide protection against bio-organisms, and is designed to meet stringent health and safety guidelines.

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