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Multizone is the next generation of Rhenoprint™. It is the perfect evolution of our innovative Rhenoprint™ process, showcases revolutionary improvements in reforcements design and possibilities.

Multizone is an innovative material with varying hardness zones within a single part. One of the key highlights of Multizone is the ability to determine individual hardness zones for a material, providing tailored support and unparalleled comfort. There is no cutting or skiving during the whole process. Nearly every shape is feasible. By combining both hard and soft materials in strategic areas, Multizone not only enhances performance and comfort but also opens up a world of new possibilities for creativity and design.

Sustainability is at the forefront of our mindset. Accordingly, additional material is only used where reinforcement is needed, leading to a weight reduction in the shoe and thus also a lower environmental impact. Our fully automated production process is based on our sustainable, environmentally friendly, and customizable Rhenoprint technology. With a single production step and zero material waste, we prioritize not just quality and performance, but also sustainability.

With Multizone, the future of reinforcement material design is here, offering flexibility, adaptability, endless possibilities and sustainability in one package.

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Features and Benefits

  • Higher comfort through customized flex zones within same pattern
  • Weight reduction leads also to lower environment impact
  • Sustainable Rhenoprint™ process
  • Cutouts possible without creating any waste
  • Super smooth transition zones
  • No changes of settings needed


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