Outdoor shoe insole


A non-woven insole solution with fusion-bonding technology

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Ecoline by Coats is made with 85% recycled content and fusion-bonding technology that completely removes the need for chemicals or water. Our Ecoline insoles showcase enviro-conscious design at its best.

Ecoline is a non-woven insole product solution. The fusion-bonded construction allows us to produce a thinner and lighter-weight product that still maintains the strength and performance of heavier and bulkier materials.

Ecoline is made from 100% polyester fibre of which 85% is recycled content and performs well throughout all stages of manufacture and life of the footwear. The cutting waste is 100% recyclable into more of the same product without loss of quality. This eco-friendly material reduces landfill and greenhouse gasses, showcases superior performance throughout the entire manufacturing process and life cycle of footwear.

Ecoline stands out for excellent moisture absorption and dispersal qualities, which significantly improve the comfort of the foot under all conditions. It is specially designed for use in cement-lasted footwear construction with low-to-medium heel heights.

Outdoor shoe insole

Features and Benefits

  • Made from 85% recycled PET
  • Excellent moisture absorption and dispersal qualities
  • Enhanced foot comfort in all conditions
  • 100% recyclable into more of the same product without loss of quality
  • Superb internal bonding due to the random fibre construction
  • 100% closed loop


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