Down Leakage Prevention

Down Jackets

Innovative solutions to down or synthetic filling leakage, caused by unbalanced stitching, static build-up and poor thread choices

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Coats has proven solutions to help you reduce leakage from down jackets.

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Down Jackets - Prevent Leakage

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Down leakage in outdoor jackets

To resolve down leakage issues, we cannot only rely on sewing thread or any other single factor. It’s about improving the combination of all factors that are relative to down leakage issues.

Down Leakage Solutions

Epic AS   Gral AS  


100% Polyester
Continuous Filament
  Cone of thread  


  Epic AWF   Gral AWF
The Coats AS range of thread is designed to meet the needs of outdoor performance sportswear, woven outerwear and fashion jackets.  
  Coats presents a new range of anti-wicking sewing threads that are free of perfluorinated compounds (PFCs). The anti-wick PFC-free threads for apparel end use are offered in the Coats polyester thread brands Epic and Gral.
In drier atmospheric conditions the lower dynamic friction values of Gral AS and Epic AS minimise the attraction of down towards the needle, helping to prevent down leakage through needle holes. The lower dynamic friction values of Gral AS and Epic AS also enhance the uniformity of the stitch formation allowing neat, well balanced seams.     This leading development is one of the many positive actions taken by Coats to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and safety. The threads have a PFC-free anti-wick finish which which prevents the capillary action of water transportation through the thread in the seam.
              Coats anti-wick PFC-free threads are the very best thread choice for no-compromise, premium water resistant outdoor wear.